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  Corporate Philosophy

Corporate philosophy

The aging society is energized through drug development support and care


Our company name “Pacific Grove Co., Ltd.” means a peaceful grove. It is a place to relax, where people meet and heal each other. To provide new drugs to people as quickly as possible, we have been working in the clinical study subject recruitment business since 2004, with our Medical volunteers Group, JCVN.


According to a national government release, there are 34,590,000 elderly people, aged 65 or over in Japan, and the rate of aging is 27.3%. Thus, more than one in four Japanese people are elderly (Cabinet Office data, 1st October 2016).


We focus on recruiting people over 65 years of age for clinical trials, and have enrolled more than 2,000 people for phase I trials.


We provide a reliable support system with two-way, open communication channels so that elderly volunteers can participate in clinical trials with ease. We also acquire health data of elderly volunteers through numerous health measurement opportunities and medical checkups.


Health information is entered into our database which is used to select the most appropriate volunteer candidates for each clinical study. Because of our efforts, we have achieved a high number of elderly participants enrolled in clinical trials.


Through managing and administering nursing homes for the elderly, health data is captured in a diverse way and utilized in subject recruitment.


Medical treatments aim for the eradication of diseases and that is why Pacific Grove Co., Ltd. aims to connect the most appropriate volunteers for all kinds of clinical studies.


If a goal is simple, the ways to achieve it are limitless. Ours is an endless goal.

Pacific Grove Co., Ltd. is the only company that provides services, drug development support, and nursing care. We aim to play a key role in the local community and Japan’s medical treatment and health industry.


Pacific Grove Co., Ltd.

CEO Ryuzo Nanba

  Code of conduct

Code of conduct

1.We constantly look for those troubled by pain and suffering and support them fully.


2.We seek what our clients or patients want, and try to build trust by providing the best approach to achieve it.


3.We sincerely fulfill our accountability in respect to clinical study-volunteers and provide them with the best environment to participate in clinical studies with confidence.

4.We always communicate with clients with sincerity and collectively put in 100% to improve customer satisfaction.


5.We honor the industry gold-standard expectations regarding confidentiality and protection of personal information, in order to build unwavering trust.

6.We take pride in, and have responsibility for our work.


Team work




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  Company Profile

Company Profile

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Pacific grove Co., Ltd.


26th June 2006

Ryuzo Nanba

2F, Yamate Building

3-14-35 Kamioosaki, Shinagawa, Tokyo


10 million yen

Clinical trial support work
Care business (paid nursing homes management,

Meal services for elderly people, etc.)


2F, Yamate Building

3-14-35 Kamioosaki, Shinagawa, Tokyo

TEL: 03-5791-7795 (representative)


Housing with supportive services for the elderly people

Well Life Villa Samukawa Ichinomiya

2- 25-17 Ichinomiya, Samukawa-cho, Koza, Kanagawa 253-0101


PG Medical Care Co., Ltd.

  Affiliated Companies

Affiliated Companies

■Fuji Care Service Co., Ltd.

With “satisfying sincere service” as its key theme, this company provides nursing home recreational activities, hosts various events, and provides reliable support and 24-hour residential management.

■Meal Innovation Co., Ltd.

This company provides high quality meals for the elderly in nursing homes. It supports nursing homes with food control services learned through years of experience providing in-home delivery and school lunches.


■Purezza Co., Ltd.

This consulting company provides support for nursing home opening, management and administration. They also provide knowledge regarding efficient management and long-term care insurance which is necessary for care services for the elderly.

Pacific Grove Co., Ltd.


2F Yamate Building

3-14-35 Kamioosaki, Shinagawa, Tokyo


TEL:03-5791-7795 (reception)

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How we handle personal information.

Pacific Grove Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “we”, “us”, “our”) recognizes the importance of protecting personal information. We believe that proper handling and protection of personal information is a fundamental part of our business activities and our social responsibility. We engage and build trust under the following policies:

(1) If we are to keep any personal information, we ensure the purpose of its use is clear and it is only used it within the scope specified.

(2) We do not share personal information with any third party, other than approved parties, except to fulfill our responsibilities of agreement or in the case of other justifiable reasons.

(3) In order to manage personal information safely and appropriately, we set appropriate security measures in place to secure personal information against unauthorized access and ensure it is safe from loss, destruction, tampering, or leakage.