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The website has been updated. It is now smart phone compatible.


Residents from a nursing home were featured on NHK.


We have been selected as the test subject recruitment company for JAXA.


Notification of office relocation.


Careers page has been updated.


An article about us appeared on the Yakuji Nippo.


We have acquired PrivacyMark.


Our management organization “Medical volunteers Group, JCVN” will carry out test subject recruitment entrusted by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).


Our affiliated company, PG Medical Care Co., Ltd., carries out the administration of “Well Life Villa Samukawa Ichinomiya”, housing with supportive services for elderly people.


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How we handle personal information.

Pacific Grove Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “we”, “us”, “our”) recognizes the importance of protecting personal information. We believe that proper handling and protection of personal information is a fundamental part of our business activities and our social responsibility. We engage and build trust under the following policies:

(1) If we are to keep any personal information, we ensure the purpose of its use is clear and it is only used it within the scope specified.

(2) We do not share personal information with any third party, other than approved parties, except to fulfill our responsibilities of agreement or in the case of other justifiable reasons.

(3) In order to manage personal information safely and appropriately, we set appropriate security measures in place to secure personal information against unauthorized access and ensure it is safe from loss, destruction, tampering, or leakage.