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Are you struggling with clinical trial subject recruitment?

Leave clinical trial subject recruitment to Pacific Grove Co., Ltd.

As a recruiting agency for clinical trials Pacific grove Co., Ltd. aims to support clinical trial subject recruitment by connecting you with our volunteer members who have a wide range of diseases.


It is our priority to improve clinical trial participation rates by treating our volunteer members as our partners and determining their health status through medical checkups. We store and utilize the data in a digitalized format.


Please contact Pacific grove Co., Ltd. regarding subject recruitment for clinical trials and research, as well as health-promoting food tests.


Take advantage of our service at Medical Volunteers Group, JCVN which has over 300,000 members.

  Five reasons to choose Pacific Grove Co., Ltd.

We have 340,000 volunteer members.

Our Clinical Trial Volunteers Group, JCVN, has 340,000 volunteer members with strong motives for participation in clinical trials. They are eager to contribute to the development of more effective and safer drugs, and help people suffering from diseases.

We have enrolled members from their 20s to 80s!

We have recruited more than 2,000 people (phase I trials) and treatment period transition

Records of 5,397 elderly people in phase II and III trials (as of February 2017).

We improve successful entry rates by performing accurate pre-screening.

Using our volunteers’ medical checkup data, we select the most appropriate candidates to participate in specific clinical studies. Our volunteer members are informed about clinical trials and agree to participate.

We accommodate a broad range of diseases

Our members have a diverse range of diseases input in our database, from life style-related diseases to rare diseases. The most suitable candidates for a clinical study are selected which increases the number of referred cases.

We have rich experience testing cosmetics and health-promoting foods with special function claims

We have 11 years of experience testing foods, beauty products, and others, involving around 50,000 people in approximately 4,000 tests.

Pacific Grove Co., Ltd.: strength in recruiting elderly special population groups

Pacific Grove Co., Ltd. has been working in clinical trial subject recruitment since 2004. We developed the “Medical volunteers Group, JCVN” as our base to get drugs on the market and to the patient as early as possible.


We have a long record of recruiting volunteers across a wide range of clinical trials in diverse diseases, including diabetes, lifestyle-related diseases, bronchial asthma, atopic dermatitis, and mental illnesses.


What sets us apart from other subject recruitment agencies is that we have clinical trial volunteers ranging from their 20s through to their 80s. In fact, those aged 40 or older make up the greatest proportion of our volunteer membership population.


We set the bar by recruiting more than 2,000 volunteers to phase I trials targeting elderly people, aged 65 years or older. This was achieved by using our active ‘two-way communication approach’ and implementing a reliable support system to enable elderly volunteers to easily participate in clinical trials.


Rather than relying solely on the internet and e-mails, we improve participation and retention rates by providing detailed support through phone calls, faxes and letters.


Volunteers have close communication with staff members who have medical knowledge and receive regular Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training. So that volunteers can apply to participate in clinical trials with confidence, we have a reliable system in place for managing personal information such as the acquirement of Privacy Mark.

Registration and information meetings

Registration and information meetings are held to answer any questions that volunteers may have so that they can participate in clinical trials with ease.

・Meetings take place every weekday (Monday – Friday)

・Our professional instructors deliver explanations about clinical trials

・We conduct awareness-raising sessions to prevent double registration

・We verify attendees’ identities by requesting they present their identity cards

High-quality pre-screening performed by specialists

Our skilled specialists in charge of screening are familiar with clinical trials and have built their expertise on extensive experience of past-trials. All this leads to improved clinical trial participation rates.

 How to volunteer for clinical trial opportunities

1. Member registration

Applicants are invited to register with our Clinical Trial Volunteers Group JCVN via our homepage, or by referral. Participation in clinical trials is based on GCP principals, which means participation is based on the volunteer’s own decision.

2. Attending registration and information sessions

Attending registration and information sessions at our office (near JR Gotanda Station) is encouraged. Staff members deliver lectures about basic knowledge of clinical trials and attitudes required for participation in clinical trials.

3. Selection of candidates

We select applicants and create a list of candidates eligible for participation in a particular clinical trial using our volunteer database information which includes prefecture, clinical laboratory test results, and any medications taken.

4. Screening by phone calls

A volunteer’s eligibility for participation in a particular clinical trial is based on a detailed Standardized Claim Ratio (SCR). Our staff confirmed compliance with the protocol by members via phone.

5. Providing the applicant list to the requesting institution

The list of pre-screened clinical trial candidates is sent to the client at the clinical trial site. We update the status of clinical trial participation using our volunteer management system.

We can support clinical trials’ subject recruitment across a range of diseases

including the following examples



・Post-menopausal healthy female

・Glaucoma/ocular hypertension

・Uterine fibroid/endometriosis


・Preclinical AD




・Gastro esophageal reflux/IBS

・Healthy elderly


・Overactive bladder/Urinary incontinence


Other resident feasibility studies in care businesses, etc.

Tests performed are shown here

If you are struggling with clinical trial subject recruitment, please contact us.


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How we handle personal information.

Pacific Grove Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “we”, “us”, “our”) recognizes the importance of protecting personal information. We believe that proper handling and protection of personal information is a fundamental part of our business activities and our social responsibility. We engage and build trust under the following policies:

(1) If we are to keep any personal information, we ensure the purpose of its use is clear and it is only used it within the scope specified.

(2) We do not share personal information with any third party, other than approved parties, except to fulfill our responsibilities of agreement or in the case of other justifiable reasons.

(3) In order to manage personal information safely and appropriately, we set appropriate security measures in place to secure personal information against unauthorized access and ensure it is safe from loss, destruction, tampering, or leakage.